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Let's sync our cycles!

Sync cycle with Berry, our women's health chatbot, designed to support you through the ~2555 days of period and the pains that come with it. 
Amiya Sharma

Strategy Advisor

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Hema Anirudh

Wellness Coach


Fitness Expert

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Dr. Nayan Kalnad

Health-Tech Advisor

Dr. Amodita 1.jpeg
Dr. Amodita Ahuja


Varun Kumar

Business Advisor

Dr. Gunjan.jpg
Dr. Gunjan Bahuguna


Coach Manasa_edited.jpg
Manasa Kannan

Women's Coach


The pain is not just in your head, it's real and it can be managed.

1 in 4 women experience pain and impacts their life every day. 

Track Periods & Sync Cycles

Get Questions Answered by Experts

Manage Pain Symptoms

Why choose Coach Berry?

Berry is a women's health chatbot trained extensively on the following and shares personalized insights and actions.

Women's Health Research

Interventions like exercise, nutrition & mental health habits

Input from doctors & health coaches

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The pain is not just "in your head". It's real and it's manageable. 

1 in 4 women experience pain and impacts their life every day. Meet Cranberry, an AI chatbot to help her understand and manage her symptoms, through life.


AI chatbot to track & manage symptoms

Plans created by doctors & health coaches

Community to share & stay accountable

What can you chat about?

Chat to understand your symptoms better, track them over a period of time, manage them through personalized exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing plans. All in complete confidentiality.


Period & Insights

Women experience ~300 cycles in a lifetime. Get insights from your cycle and live in sync.


Period Cramps

Menstrual cramps severely impact 40% women


Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence impacts 50% women at different stages of life

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Health in 30s

To eat carbs or not, to cardio or strength train - decoding health for your 30s.



Bloating, Mood & Energy fluctuations are suffered by 80% of menstruators. 

Pelvic Pain.png

Pain During Intercourse

Pelvic pain impacts 32% of women, 13% severe enough to lay in bed

Using laptop


1 in 10 women experience menopausal symptoms for 12 years following their last period, from hot flashes to insomnia, symptoms can be many. 

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Health in 40s

Decoding health for your 40s.

Small Steps. Big Change.

AI chatbot ensures your conversations personal, personalized and effective.


Meet Cranberry, your AI Coach.

AI Coach shares information about your symptoms and screens for severity. 

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Product Screen3.jpeg


Get A Habit Plan, Each Week

Each week, AI delivers an action plan of exercise, nutrition or mental well-being habit to improve the symptom. Plan is designed by doctors, nutritionists, health coaches to ensure they work.


Join a micro-community

We match you with a small group of 10-15 people on a similar journey. They become your support system as you complete your plan—cheering you on and keeping you company.

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Keep track of symptoms.

Each week, we track your symptoms. The plans are updated based on how the symptoms improve. 


Feel Empowered

Search engines can be overwhelming, contradictory, and often inaccurate. With our library of articles fact-checked by experts, we cut through the noise by giving you the most relevant advice in bite-sized formats.

Girls with mobile

Cranberry.Fit (c) 2023 

Meet The Team

Saraswati Chandra
Aditi Dimri
Hear from our members
We push you to be better than yesterday
“Thanks for the information coach. This program has given me the push I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle. “

Vaishali K

Let us be take care of you while you take care of everything else. 

Think of as your confidant in personal health and wellness: We can help you get real answers, share the health plan you need, and find the community you deserve.

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