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Menstrual cycle is not just the "period" days!

It's about your cycle as a whole, and that means that it affects you every day—not just the days of your period. With Cranberry.Fit, you can make that hormone-fueled rollercoaster ride a lot more enjoyable.

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In Science, we trust.

There is existing research that tests which lifestyle actions improve menstrual symptoms like period pain, PMS. We use these studies along with our Expert Panel to build personalised plans.

Feel your healthiest & happiest self - one tiny habit at a time.

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To speak to our founders for early product access. 


Track your cycle, symptoms & everything in between!


Get personalized weekly habit plan


Receive insights & expert tips


Experience health, not exercises and diets you hate.!

"I loved my experience with cranberry fit. It helped me make so much sense of what was happening to my body everyday and that was so reassuring and comforting..."

Ira, Sep 2022

"My experience was amazing. I was really happy to challenge myself with the workout and meditation goals..."

Vaishali, Sep 2022

"It was excellent - I loved having daily recommendations that gave me something to track and made me feel like I was working towards Better menstrual health. 

Nina, Sep 2022

"It makes me more aware and more accountable in my daily self care. Nice job Cranberry Fit team!"

Malvika, Sep 2022

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