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Meet Berry, your companion for pain-free Periods & PMS.

Introducing Berry by Cranberry: Your AI chatbot trained by experts.

How does Berry work?

Say Hi to Berry on WhatsApp anonymously

Share your symptoms, severity, and current lifestyle

Get personalised remedies and habit coaching

Get answers to specific personal questions

Your free, 24x7 companion trained by experts.

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For women
by women

Built by a team of doctors, health researchers and engineers for women of India. 

Get Relief Actions
for PMS
by Experts

With Berry, you have easy access to expert recommended natural remedies for symptoms like bloat, anxiety, low energy, mood changes, or back pain.

Build long term habits backed by Science

Berry helps you build personalised habits of — specific nutrition,

targeted exercise, and

mental health

—that ensure pain-free periods in the long term.

Vaishali, Software Engineer

“Thanks for the information coach. This program has given me the push. I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle.”
  • How does AI chatbot work?
    Berry merges a language model with our doctor-curated medical knowledge and is trained to personalise answers using your health data, engaging in an empathetic manner.
  • Am I chatting with a human or AI?
    Coach Berry is your default AI chat companion. If a human takes over for specific requirements, it will be clearly indicated to you.
  • What do you do with my data?
    Your data benefits both you and women's progress by enhancing your Cranberry experience and contributing to research through anonymised, aggregated analysis.
  • Why are you called Cranberry?
    🍒 Cranberries, red like our periods, bunch together like our habit micro-communities, and are recommended by doctors for UTI prevention, aligning with our Women's Health mission.

Berry is a WhatsApp chatbot accessible on any phone and desktop. 

Private | Confidential | No Spam

Click on the icon to chat with Berry on WhatsApp

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Scan this to get started on mobile


Welcome to our journey of building for women's health. 

"Together, we are building a solution for the problem we face, just like millions of women in India. Join our journey of improving health outcomes for women."



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Delhi, Bangalore, Berlin

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